Tested by checks: Valmet Black Belt has highest impression energy

Nobody wants an unscheduled belt improve in the press portion of a paper or board device. On the other hand, they do arise, and one of the most common causes for an unscheduled shoe press belt alter is cracks. When an exterior item hits the belt harshly it may well induce a crack or simply a gap. At times the paper aspect can be intact, but there may be a crack around the oil aspect. This is particularly damaging and during the worst situations can result in inside of delamination, straight away leading to weak Internet moisture profiles. This subsequently leads to off-spec paper high-quality and at some point, in lots of circumstances, causes an unplanned belt adjust. Furthermore, it will take time and a lot of work to clean up belt fragments still left in the shoe roll. “When the fabric used in the belt has sufficient toughness and great affect power you could keep away from cracks the two on the paper and oil aspect,” claims Satu Hagfors, R&D Manager, Valmet.

Wads build Serious force over the belt surfaces

Valmet’s belt experts examined what takes place to belts in quickly affect predicaments. For this they utilized a modified Split Hopkinson Strain Bar screening method at Tampere University of Technology, in Finland. Within this exam, a metal striker is shot onto the belt sample at a specified speed. A power mobile beneath the sample measures the force that goes through the sample. If the sample breaks, more drive goes by it and the next force will probably be measured. In the event that the belt product doesn’t have enough affect resistance, the oil facet is often cracked although the paper side is intact. This creates a chance of inside surface delamination.

Inside of a paper device, the best peak pressure during normal functioning ailments at the conclusion of the shoe is down below ten MPa. “Inside the screening, an effect of ten periods bigger tension is often developed with a small striker about the belt surface area. This exact same fabricsystems phenomenon could come about in actual circumstances if some added materials, such as a paper wad, passes with the shoe press nip. If this happens It will be no surprise which the belt sustains problems because of this kind of large force and affect,” Hagfors explains. The examination showed considerable differences in between several belt elements and structures. The samples with the lowest calculated forces remained intact, While the samples with increased calculated forces confirmed cracks on just one or both sides from the sample. Some samples even broke in two in the test. The Black Belt E (E for Severe) confirmed great impact resistance in comparison with various other belt designs. This property also appeared to remain constant through the belt’s life time.

Optimized substance increases belt toughness

The exams clearly showed that the most recent Black Belt E styles have far better influence strength than Valmet’s before-era belts and people of other producers. The Black Belt content is dynamically extra strong. In reality, the fabric was originally produced for rollercoaster wheels to offer the highest probable levels of safety in carrying men and women to substantial destinations at substantial speeds. In line with Hagfors, the secrets at the rear of the Black Belt’s success inside the exams lie in its large-efficiency polyurethane composition that boosts influence power and toughness. “Due to the fact the material is tough more than enough, it does not crack so effortlessly. In addition to paper facet toughness, We now have also enhanced the layer composition about the oil aspect.” Pressure curves of a new Black Belt E and soon after 6 months over a shoe push working beneath a one,two hundred kN/m load. The force curves on the Black Belt E vs. an earlier-technology belt. The impact energy would not harm the Black Belt E in precisely the same way because it does for the sooner-technology belts. Much less force passes through the sample although it stays intact.

Optimized reinforcement framework for every belt

In developing the Black Belt on the list of 1st ways was optimizing the belt elastomer product. Once this was finished, the subsequent action was to improve belt reinforcement. It absolutely was at this time that Valmet went even even further and expanded its Black Belt item spouse and children. Besides the Black Belt E structure – which happens to be most effective suited for rapidly newsprint and packaging quality devices – Valmet also developed new belt constructions for other equipment. “By introducing new buildings, we also want to provide belts for other shoe presses that have their own personal specifications,” Satu Hagfors emphasizes. The brand new Black Belt G has triple-layer reinforcement with adaptable yarn to the paper side. It’s been Specifically suitable for shoe presses with a small radius. The brand new Black Belt File, with double-layer reinforcement, capabilities higher overall flexibility and is suitable for positions where a thinner caliper is necessary. All customers with the Black Belt product or service relatives can be found with the next surface choices: smooth, discontinuous grooves (DG), semi grooved (SG), grooved, higher density grooved (High definition) and discontinuous significant density grooves (DG High definition).

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