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Gifts, games, decorations, Elephant baby shower a well-selected guest list, good food, and a special dessert are keys to having a successful baby shower. Well-chosen baby shower cakes serve as a decorative conversation piece and a delicious finale. Before you make a cake or put in a custom order, familiarize yourself with the styles of current baby shower cake designs.

Pictures are the Place to Start

Start your investigation with pictures of baby shower cakes. This is a sure way to get excited about having a party and designing a super dessert. Pictures show different icing textures, decoration styles, color schemes, wordings, cake toppers, and images used on baby shower cakes. Where can pictures be found? Look for recent cake books, magazines, and photo galleries on the internet. Visit cake shops to browse through catalogs and look at freshly baked cakes on display.

Popular Decorations

Just as a birthday party has popular symbols, such as balloons and candles, a baby shower cake often features one or more of the following decorations:

  • Baby clothing, such as a jumper or booties;
  • Toys, such as blocks, teddy bears, and rattles;
  • Accessories, such as pacifier, baby bottle, or carriage;
  • Flowers, especially spring flowers and buds;
  • Angels and storks;
  • Cute baby animals, such as rabbits, ducks, ladybugs, elephants, penguins, and butterflies;
  • Infant dolls; and
  • Baby footprints.

Go for pastel colors or select bold, fun colors. There are no fixed rules unless your guests of honor expect certain traditions to be followed. Some people prefer pink, baby blue, or yellow–although these colors are not required.

Innovative Designs

There are many baby shower cake ideas to choose from. The following list is only intended to inspire – the possibilities are infinite:

  • A toy box cake overflowing with toys;
  • A rectangle decorated as a baby quilt with colorful squares and cute baby motifs;
  • A sculpture of a carriage or stork-you’ll need an experienced baker or cake artist for this;
  • A multi-tier cake with a crowning topper;
  • Multiple cakes displayed side by side with a theme tying them together;
  • A cake depicting a popular character such as Cinderella or Winnie the Pooh-some bakers use a mold or apply for an edible photo transfer;
  • A basket or tree of cupcakes-a very convenient and attractive alternative.

Choosing Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes have many benefits. They are easy to store, display, and transport. Different flavors can be offered, and you’ll be amazed by the number of different decoration options. First, the paper cups themselves can be festive. They come plain in different colors or decorated with theme pictures such as toys and animals.

Go for pretty cupcakes topped with sprinkles, swirls, chocolate wafers, shiny glazes, fondant, or whip cream. You can select cupcake tops decorated as flowers or animal faces. Daisies and roses are beautiful when piped with buttercream or molded from fondant. Flowers can be cookies with lollypop sticks for stems. Monogrammed cookie disc toppers are elegant and tasty options.

Baby shower cupcakes can have toppers that may be saved as mementos of the occasion. Cupcake toppers can be little birds just hatched, baby rattles, angels, or other figurines. Alternatively, consider hearts with the word “Baby” or the initial of the child’s name (if known).

Using Sayings and Slogans

Cakes and cupcakes may display words written in icing sugar or printed on a plaque or flag. Consider using a favorite poem about children or choose phrases such as:

  • It’s a baby shower!
  • Welcome Riana or Welcome Jake (when the shower is held after the child is born)
  • Someone new is almost here!
  • Baby
  • It’s a Boy!

The wording is not an essential element of a baby shower cake-simply an option that can be prominent or subtly displayed on the side.

Quality Ingredients and Exciting Flavors

One trend that probably will never die is to have a tasty cake. Whether the cake is homemade or professionally done, it is most memorable when it is fresh and made with quality ingredients. There are many possible flavors for cake, filling, and icing. Choose one flavor or combine two. Popular flavors include chocolate, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mocha, banana, citrus, pecan, almond-hazelnut, pineapple, and coconut.