How to Play Agen DominoQQ?

If you should be a newbie and desire to play casino games, whether online or in-person, you will need to start up with an easy task to play and understand the game. Or, if you should be an expert in playing casino games and looking to understand a straightforward game to enhance your library of games, then you should look at the agen dominoqq.

For a newbie, Agen Domino QQ is a fun and exciting way to introduce yourself to the entire world of casino games. But first, you will need to familiarize yourself with the basics of the overall sport.

The Agen Domino QQ features a complete of 27 cards with;

  • Eight cards having a clear dot on top of the and lower part of the card
  • Six cards with a sizable drop on each part of the card
  • Five cards with two dots on the low and upper part of the card
  • Four cards with three spots on both the low and the top of part of the cards
  • Three cards with four spots on the top of and lower part of the card
  • Two cards with five spots on each part of the cards
  • A single card with six spots on the low and upper sides of the card.
  • This game aims for just one to have the highest card combination.

So how will you play the Agen Domino QQ?

Playing the overall game is relatively easy. At the start of the overall game;

  • Each participant is given a total of four cards.
  • The gamer selections two cards from the four cards given
  • The value of the two cards is determined. The deal is set by how many dots on each card. For example, if you choose a card with five dots and another with four dots, you score 18 points.
  • The gamer with the greatest number of points is declared the winner.

It is worth noting that the greatest number of the score is 9. If you score 18 points, 10 points are likely to be deducted to keep the score involving the scoring ranges. If you score any points above 19, then 20 is expected to be subtracted, and so on.

The next terms are utilized while playing the Agen domino QQ.

Normal card

A player with four cards with each pair having nine dominoes is said to have a regular card.

Small card

A player whose card’s total value is below 9 has a small card

Big card

A player whose card has a total value of between 39 and 43 is referred to as having a large card.

Twin series

Twin series identifies cards with an equal number of dots on either the card’s lower and upper sides.

The six god

A 6 god is a card combination with each card having a total of six dots. A player with this specific card combination automatically wins.

Practice makes perfect. Keep practicing the easy-to-understand and play Agen Domino QQ game. You will master the overall game within some time and earn yourself a few game tricks that provide you with a competitive advantage over other players.