Hong Kong Work Visa – Situation Illustration

You’ll find about 15,000 Hong Kong work visas granted every year. Every one of these programs is unique with its personal individual features and conditions.

As a result the applying of your approvability examination for authorization to work while in the HKSAR, obviously, differs from situation to situation. The examination for acceptance spots a stress within the applicant to indicate that they possesses special techniques awareness or practical experience of worth to and not readily available in Hong Kong. On top of that, the proposed visa hong kong sponsoring employer has to demonstrate it really is justified in participating the companies in the expatriate applicant versus a ‘neighborhood particular person’ (described as any community resident who isn’t going to require the acceptance from the Immigration Office to get up that job.)

Even so, so that you can shed slightly gentle on how the exam is usually used by way of an exception which proves the rule, I do have one particular scenario instance which serves For example not just how the approvability check is utilized in practice but will also how the Immigration Department are prepared to take a nicely articulated argument that, after the details are actually absolutely assessed and appreciated, merely adds up and can result in the much sought after Hong Kong work visa approval.

Our client was just 19. He was Japanese and the son of the eel farmer. He experienced just a highschool graduate diploma to his name but were engaged on the family eel farm from an exceptionally early age. His father’s family members company was Element of a local fish farming cooperative which experienced manufactured an arrangement to supply technological and assist services into a freshly recognized eel farming concern just more than the border from Hong Kong, within the SAR of Shenzhen.

The intention was, sooner or later, for our client’s cooperative in Japan as well as the Shenzhen eel farming small business to work with each other in supplying the best high quality eel products to the Japanese market place. The scarcity of suited land in Japan intended that the cooperative was lacking out on substantial volume supply possibilities at the appropriate excellent to Japanese buyers who merely demand from customers the top produce.

The cooperative as a result set up a subsidiary entity within the HKSAR Together with the prepare to fulfill their specialized and advisory obligations on the Shenzhen eel farm from within Hong Kong. This is able to entail commuting over the border to visit the China facility everyday, laying the ground for a very tax-productive cross-border investing business with Hong Kong taking care of the export operations once top quality solution in the best volume may very well be equipped ex Shenzhen into the Japanese industry.