Best NetSuite Apps for 2020

The last year saw major steps in financial strategies and ERP. They make the company more versatile in its business decision-making by increasing the visibility of financial flows. Financial and accounting applications today support constantly changing business models. They also allow adaptation to current laws, the adjustment to emerging deployment models, improvements in working practices and the development of digital businesses to be encouraged.

Business Scape ICD reviews top financial and accounting SaaS and cloud providers. In reality, the aim is to promote business leaders’ decision-making. It measures the set of functions, the integration service, and consumer assistance, the loyalty of consumers, the expense and return on investment. Gem mindful is South of France’s first Oracle NetSuite integrator. We are glad that Oracle NetSuite is the leading financial and accounting programmer in the world.

As a pioneer in the cloud computing revolution, Oracle NetSuite today offers a suite of financial and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Oracle NetSuite apps makes it possible to manage companies across the world with its cloud management. In addition, this application is the solution with best practices to adapt to the industrial specificities of companies.

Digitalization yes, but what is its objective?

Digitization or digitalization in French allows all kinds of records, operations and processes to be virtualized and handled by a computer system. All this digital content, including written material, film, pictures or soundtracks, is made available and exchanged in real-time today through internet and cloud applications.

Thus, a vast number of businesses are in the digital transformation process, which has resulted in minimal or even drastic improvements both in policy and internally. Furthermore, digitizing develops new features and organizations that simplify operations by using fast and smart machine applications like ERP , CRM, or Cloud CAPM such as NetSuite app. The current context has shown the increasingly essential nature of partial or total digitalization of companies.

We will enlighten you on the need to opt for digitalization of your business.

Adaptability is the key reason that you need to transition to a digital transformation. The greatest attribute of a profitable enterprise is adaptability. Furthermore, we have to be able to adjust to any scenario like remote work in the present situation. In reality, digital enables remote communication to be enabled.

Teleworking, though, is fine, but it’s easier to have the resources to work. In addition to saving time, automated technologies also improve flexibility of internal processes. Digital has a direct effect on company growth. For the third straight year, ACCEL, the French transversal digital group, has released “Growth and Digital Barometer,” which is meant to research and communicate the uses and transitions of businesses with 20 to 500 staff.

This barometer has highlighted those businesses engaging in a digital transition benefit 2.2 times more than those that have not undertaken any transformation from growth in their sector. The majority of the companies surveyed showed that the rise of emerging innovations. In addition, mid-size businesses accept, as 87 percent of them view digital as a growth lever.

Digitization requires a real change management for the company.

Well made, it will be useful for him. Many questions need to be answered, such as: what are the digitalization processes? What jobs are affected? Which department will be responsible for this change? How is your internal organization going to be affected? A real approach of strong thought and well defined action is a digital transition. A digital transformation. We give you IT consultancy and management in order to accomplish one goal: to excel in your digital transition, because Gem knows how to create your future in a digital environment.

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