Ball Python Treatment – Leading Concerns and Answers

Every week, I obtain dozens of snake-treatment issues with the Reptile Expertise Site. Several of these folks question the exact same concerns. So I believed It might be helpful to compile Many of these FAQs into a number of posts, and after that publish them all across the online market place. This is the first article in that collection, and It really is all about ball pythons.

Right after sifting via hundreds of e-mails relationship again to 2007, I’ve recognized these top rated-10 questions about ball python treatment:

one. What do they consume?

These snakes originate from a number of countries in jap Africa, wherever they take in a wide variety of rodents — mice, shrews, gentle-furred rats, and so on. In captivity, Buy ball python online ball pythons will do perfectly with a food plan of mice and rats. I recommend offering frozen / thawed prey, simply because Reside rodents is usually perilous. A Dwell rat, for example, can injure or destroy a snake which is not interested in consuming.

two. How often ought to I feed it?

You can feed toddlers each five – seven days, and Grown ups just about every seven – fifteen days. This tends to also rely upon the dimensions from the food. It’s best to supply one rodent per food, While using the rodent remaining marginally wider compared to the widest Element of the snake.

three. How massive do they get?

This has become the most important reasons ball pythons are so popular as Animals — they do not get incredibly large. These snakes are brief and thick-bodied. They not often grow further than 5 ft in size.

four. Exactly how much do they Price?

If you buy a “regular” ball python (that’s the kind that arise in character), it is possible to anticipate to pay $fifty – $90 for it. If you buy an albino specimen, you’ll probably fork out several hundred bucks. Several of the most scarce morphs can Charge A large number of bucks, but only breeders spend this type of funds. Generally speaking, females Value a lot more than males on account of their reproductive capability.

five. Are they dangerous?

Not unless you are a rodent. Ball pythons are non-venomous. And Despite the fact that They may be constrictors, they aren’t huge more than enough to constrict a human (not even an toddler human). They can be relatively quick-heading, in comparison to other snake species. This is one more reason They are really so preferred as pets. They could Chunk their owners in specific conditions — for instance when the operator’s hand is mistaken for food items — but these bites usually are not serious.

six. Just how long do they Are living?

A very long time! Bear this in your mind if you are considering getting a ball python. They can easily live over and above 20 years in captivity, and several will even move the 40-year mark.